The settings screen lets you set the parameters of the application.
’Registration’ allows you to see the system ID and the email address of the user who the currently registered PP software belongs to. On the screen displayed as a result of clicking on the Registration button, you have to provide the email address used in the course of web registration and then the password you received in email. Web registration is possible under the registration menu item on the web page of the plugin. In this process, you have to provide your email address and the system ID, after which the system will send the user the password in an email message.
In midi settings / midi in device, you can select the midi device used as input. The device selected in midi clock out can be used for triggering the launch and stop of the host application. If you choose a device here and send start message (MC, trigger CC) is turned on in the main toolbar, then upon launching or stopping play, MC start and MC stop messages will be sent out on this MIDI device. In case of MC start, the current position of PP is sent in the form of a Song Position Pointer message.
You can also use the midi device selected in midi remote out and the defined start and stop trigger controllers to launch and stop the host. If there is a selected device here, the defined controller values will be sent out upon the launching and stopping of play. If the host lets you control play by means of start/stop controllers, remote control of play is possible if you set these values there as well.
The directory specified in VST path will be the default directory for vst plugins. The rescan plugins option reloads all the available plugins, whereas the scan for new plugins option will explore only new plugins.
If you choose the ’show the editor of the first plugin, opening the parasite’s editor’ option and open the parasite editor from the host, the editor of the first active plugin of the parasite will appear. If you turn on the ’remember plugin editors last position’ option, the positions of the edit windows of the plugins will be saved and if you reopen them, they will be displayed in their earlier position.