32/64 bit
Version history
  • Fixed pitch errors using 2 or more relative pitch bend sequnce block lanes simultaneously.
  • Anomalies in the mute handling at play start.
  • Fixed some start sync issue.
  • Better event separation at end of the recording process.
  • Using a virtual parameter to notify the host to save the PP data.
  • Automatic CC lane creating after CC assignment on the Parasite view.
  • Sequnce blocks now use the trigger note(s) velocity.
  • Sequence blocks: Upper and lower octave data insert (Shift+QWERT...) does not work in pitch bend lane.
  • In the sequence blocks view, when the current sequence block is triggered, the input note keys triggers the dependent main track's note lane.
  • Minor upgrades
  • CPU save option blocks the sound when using the plugins GUI editor.
  • PP's own small editor VST window locks some keys on the keyboard in another applications.
  • Plugin CC assignment delete error fixed.
  • First release.