Plugin Parasite
Plugin Parasite main view
Plugin Parasite (PP) is
  • a tracker
  • a sequencer / step sequencer
  • an instrument and effect host
  • a sequence block player
  • an arpeggiator
integrated into a VST effect.
PP is a VST plugin, several of which can be loaded into the effect slot of the host application. The host presents only a simple edit window – the PP data appear in a separate, operating system window. All the loaded PP instances can be managed in it collectively.
Just make an instrument or audio lane in your favorite host, put the PP effect into the insert rack and you will be ready to make music by means of PP instantly.
If you are a musician or a producer, you can record your ideas quick as lightning. Are you on the road and do you only have your laptop with you? The oriented operation of the PC/laptop keyboard will help you record your ideas easily. The controller/pitch bend input/draw has never been so simple either.
If you are a sound designer and you are making demo presets for a given vst synthesizer, by using PP, you can achieve extraordinary results. You can make patches, where several instances of a specific musical instrument can run, moreover with musical details, automated parameters and pitch bend immediately.
You can export the entire sequence you have made – and that may even form the basis of an arpeggiator. The preset browse function of PP plays the exported patches automatically before importing, therefore you can find the sequence/tone you want very easily.
Main features
PP comprises a tracker midi editor. The tracker programs spread by Commodore Amiga computers in the 90’s. By this setting, the drum and arpeggiator-like lanes can be edited more easily than by means of solutions integrated into current sequencers. In trackers, notes follow each other typically arranged into columns vertically. Here, this happens horizontally. The input of notes and controller events can take place easily by a PC QWERTY keyboard and you can perform positioning by means of the cursor or the mouse. It is ideal outside of studios, for example, if you only have your laptop with you and have no external MIDI keyboard. But of course, external midi sources (e.g. MIDI keyboard or data of a host sequencer) are supported too.
PP runs synchronous with the host sequencer, but is able to play on its own, independent of the host too. The rule is simple: when the host plays, PP always runs synchronous with it. If the host does not play, you can start and stop PP lanes. By means of synchronization, PP can trigger the start and stop of the host. For each PP instance, there is one main track, in which you can create an optional number of lanes (Note, Pitch bend, Control Change, Program change, Sequence Block trigger). These events control the instruments and effects inserted into PP. PP is always sample accurate due to it being integrated into VST effects.
Effect rack
PP manages the instruments and effects in the system on a matrix screen. The plugins can be inserted, deleted and moved here. Their parameters can be controlled from the main track and the sequence blocks. The MIDI input channel, the MIDI forwarding channel and the method of managing the plugin output can be set. The maximum eight plugin columns are summarized in a master column. The parameters of the plugins can be assigned to the MIDI controllers, which are controlled by the lanes of the main track or the sequence blocks.
Sequence blocks
Sequence blocks are constituted by lanes similar to the main track. The difference is that their play is triggered by the main track, a MIDI or PC QWERTY keyboard. One block comprises the same types of lanes as the main track, except for the sequence block control lane as this one triggers the play of the sequence block. The sequence block can be lopped – the events in it can either be fixed or can alter relatively depending upon the events and pressed notes of the main track.
Object oriented like
PP manages instruments and musical (MIDI) data together; it encapsulates them. This unit can then be saved and the saved presets can be listened to before loading. This way not only is the entire effect rack saved but the data controlling it as well. Hence the fact that upon browsing PP presets, if the audition function is turned on, you can listen to complete musical pieces/parts, which facilitates the selection of the musical theme largely.
Common editing window for PP instances
The PP instances inserted into the host appear on a common screen. It is always the PP with the current cursor that can be edited. You can open and close the main track data of PP by the TAB key. The parasites view helps you to perform operations on the data of various PPs at the same time.
Tracks, sequences, where PP was heavily used
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